Our Commitment
to Safety and Well-Being

Casa Domaine Residences are taking every step to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, employees, and tenants.

We remain cautious and implement stringent measures against the spread of COVID-19, and we have carried out suitable prevention steps and health protocols required as follows:

Body Temperature Checks

Mandatory body temperature checks at each pedestrian and vehicular entrance for all tenants and visitors. Employees undergo temperature checks 2x daily. Employees and visitors with body temperature of 37.4 and above are not allowed entry to the building.

Hand Sanitizers and Hand Wash Stations

Hand sanitizes are readily available throughout the property, primarily at common areas and shared public facilities. Hand wash stations are installed at every entrance into the building, including staff and pedestrian entrances.

Use of Surgical or 3-ply Masks

The use of surgical or 3-ply masks are mandatory throughout our property. Employees and vendors are required to use 3-ply surgical masks – and, the use of masks are changed every 4 hours.

Covid-19 Campaign

Updated Covid-19 information are posted in strategic locations throughout the property to ensure awareness to all employees, residents, visitors, and tenants.

Maximum Capacity of Facilities

All shared public facilities and elevators follow maximum capacity limits as required by government and health protocol regulations.

Touchless Systems

All public doors are installed with touchless door openers. All incoming and outgoing parking systems are touchless and cashless to further minimize contact.

Regular Cleaning and Disinfecting

Common areas and high touch point surfaces are disinfected and wiped down hourly. Shared public facilities such as gym equipment and children’s playroom are disinfected upon every use with disinfectant and ozone UV light.

Social Distancing

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between individuals are required. Floor markings are provided throughout the property to ensure safe distancing measures are adhered to. Sitting areas are re-configured to ensure safe social distance.

Incoming Packages Handled with Care

All incoming packages are sanitized and disinfected thoroughly.

Isolation Room Available

An isolation room is ready on the property. Standard personal protective equipment and gear is readily available for employee use should tenants require evacuation to hospitals and/or healthcare facilities.

Covid-19 Taskforce

The property has a dedicated Covid-19 Taskforce for anticipation and enforcement. All employees and third-party vendors are given strict repercussions for breaking health protocol guidelines.

Strict Employee Health Protocol

  • Employees and third-party vendors undergo monthly antigen and PCR Swab tests to ensure tenant’s safety is prioritized.
  • Contact tracing records are carried out individually to anticipate isolation for positive Covid-19 cases.
  • “Saya Sehat” pins provided for all employees who are cleared from daily temperature screening and monthly antigen tests.
  • WFH policy for employees who have sick family members within the same household.

We believe in ensuring a responsible and safe living environment while staying vigilant and following procedures and protocols developed according to guidance and information shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health authorities to ensure an exceptional living experience for our residents.